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New Year & goals!!

Well, it's 2014!! The new year has started & I have started a new job. Looking forward to exciting things this year.

I came on here the other day and then realized that it really has been quite a while since I've been here. Wow, I really need to get back to reading all the amazing stories posted.

One wish for this year is to attempt to write at least 1 story. You see, I always get good ideas for a story, but then have trouble getting them written out. It would be great to overcome that this year.

Another wish for this year is to get myself more organized. The hope would be that by clearing out the "junk" I will be in a better place overall. The "junk" I am thinking of is actual physical stuff & also mental junk clouding my mind.

My goal this year is to save enough $ to buy a dining room set. I was so happy to move into our house and actually have a dining room, but we've still been using our old kitchen table in there. I would like to take steps toward making this the beautiful, happy home I envision. Only then will I be able to confidently move in the direction of my biggest dream - to adopt a child.

WOW! Ok, I have put all this down, so now I must make sure to focus on it!
 ugh!! With LJ being down the past few days, 
I'll never catch up! 


So, my friend and I went to our first kickboxing class the other day - - DAMN!! What a workout.  (and that was the easy class!!!  LOL)  Really showed me how out of shape I am.  :(

They gave us a free 1 week trial membership, so I think we are going to take advantage of that.   

New Year

Wow, I can't believe 2009 is over already.  Looking forward to a good 2010.  I hope there are lots of good things in store this year. 


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